The independent short film comedy "Urban Market" has been creating quite a buzz on both the East and West coasts, as well as internationally, with it's cutting edge humor, avant-garde realism and strong performances. A Screen Actors Guild Ultra Low Budget Film, "Urban Market" is about a boy from Middle-America's first day of spending the summer with his Uncle Mike in urban America. Up-and-coming writer and director Timothy Schuebel has brilliantly crafted a modern day tale of urban realism with a voyeuristic feel to it. Stark camera angles, a top-notch /non-stop script, and great casting make viewing this short film an early summer delight.A superb cast of rising New York-trained actors bring the script to life, including veteran television and independent film actor Bill-Lee Lanndis as lead character "Mike", talented theatrical actress Tina Ison, and Jolynn Carpenter of Spider-Woman fame. The film has also been selected to be included in the Viewers' Choice Selection category of the New York City International Film Festival.

Slide show below "Urban Market" Screening June 24, 2010 at The Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC